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British school to teach English as a FOREIGN language
City of Leeds School in Yorkshire is taking the drastic step of introducing classes teaching English as a second language to each of its 350 pupils - including all its British-born pupils. The school says it has been forced to include British-born ...
Leeds school to teach English as foreign languageThe Guardian

English taught as a foreign language at a school in LeedsTelegraph.co.uk
UK school begins teaching English 'as a foreign language'Metro
Yorkshire Evening Post -The Independent -ITV News
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26 Mar 2014 04:48 am

England's Yorkshire School Teaches English as a Foreign Language
26 March 2014. (FINNBAY-ANSA) – London, 25 March 2014. A school in northern England has taken the innovative step of introducing English as a foreign language for all pupils to help non-native English speakers achieve better grades, local media report.

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25 Mar 2014 02:15 pm

UK School To Teach English As Foreign Language
Yahoo News UK
A school in Leeds, where native English speakers are in the minority, is to start teaching English as a foreign language to all its pupils. City of Leeds School has students from around 55 nations - one of the largest groups being Czech Roma children.

25 Mar 2014 10:42 am

BBC News

Leeds school teaches English for foreigners to English pupils
BBC News
A Leeds school is to teach English as a second language to all its pupils, including native English speakers, in an attempt to tackle poor grammar. City of Leeds School head teacher Georgiana Sale said many of the school's native English speaking ...

24 Mar 2014 03:35 pm


Pupils to be taught English as foreign language
Georgiana Sale, the head teacher, admitted the school had decided to “rethink the way we do things” in an attempt to raise standards, prompting the unusual decision to teach all pupils English as a second language. Georgie Sale, Headteacher of City of ...

24 Mar 2014 10:39 am

Minneapolis Star Tribune

My Job: Amy Hewett-Olatunde, English as a Second Language teacher
Minneapolis Star Tribune
When someone asks Amy Hewett what she does for a living, “Sometimes I just say, 'I'm a teacher.' Other times I have to explain it more.” Since 1999, Hewett has been a full-time teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL) at LEAP High School in St. Paul.

24 Mar 2014 02:02 am

English language learners get help finding classes
The Tennessean
ESLmap.com to bring together what its creators said could be as many as 50 different venues hosting English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. They can be searched by cost, location, frequency and the level of instruction. Until now, information about ...

23 Mar 2014 11:03 am
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